Learning Portfolio Post #4

  1. What does your object communicate about the relationship between fashion and the body?

The body shape in the fashion world is always changing. As people’s perceptions of the body are constantly changing, the dress form as an indispensable tool in the design process has always represented the most popular fashion body shape in different periods. Martin’s tunic was inspired by the dress form of the time and directly displayed the body shape that was recognized by the people at the time. This also vividly recorded the relationship between fashion and body at that time.


  1. How does the designer’s investigation of the body relate to your own investigation of the body (through embodied dress practice or through design)?

The embodied dress practice of design is really directly. It can be seen that the fashionable figure of France at that time may still be affected by the new look. The waist is relatively narrow and the crotch is full. This typical French body shape portrays the female body as very elegant. Although I personally like this body shape, I also think that this silhouette is somewhat out of date. I have been exploring the neutral body shape now because the neutral style is a very popular style in the fashion industry. Compared to Martin’s elegant body shape, the neutral body shape has more possibilities to create a newer fashion silhouette.

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