int stu: the creative process

Today in class, we learned the textbook version of the creative process. This includes a numbered list of a system of mental/physical actions done to create a new piece of work. In learning about this, I realized that I go through a very different creative process than basis, and that it might be the reason I experience creative block so often. Most times, I hear something or read something and I see a visual response in my head. Then I sketch out the piece I imagined and start physically making it. During the process of figuring out what materials to use, or how I want it to look, the meaning of the piece fully develops. For example, the self portrait I painted of myself in a yellow puffer coat was a quick flash in my mind. Only while I was painting and after I finished did I realize the piece addressed adolescence, femininity and masculinity, and displacement. While I have created great work with this process, whenever I get creative block, I feel extremely stuck. I have little to no inspiration and I don’t feel like an artist. However, my plan to ameliorate this will be to try out the textbook process instead of relying subconscious.

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