integrated design studio 1: moodboard

My moodboard is expletive of my interest in sensuality, sexuality, technology and afro-futurism. As I have expressed previously, the focuses of my project will center on touch, social media, attraction, and nudity. On my moodboard, I have chosen images of bodies, both rendered and real, and collaged them to create a narrative about the converging of humans and technology. I was partly inspired by “A Cyborg Manifesto” by Donna Haraway, in which she describes this converging through the lens of gender. In my work, I want to highlight this genderlessness by treating the bodies presented the same, and highlighting instead the magnetism between them as some created rather than something innate. I also plan to explore how we use computer-generated imagery (social media photos, icons, avatars) as a way to further attraction to each other online. On my moodboard, I have expressed this technological interest via my color palette, which features computer generated colors (blue, purple, grays, white) as well as more natural colors (yellow, reds, pinks).

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