ids: urs fischer ‘PLAY’

The Urs Fischer show at Gagosian gallery, appropriately titled “PLAY,” is an engaging an humorous installation that drew me in with its use of color. Walking into the show, I first noticed the color of the seats in contrast with the space. The room was a large, sterile white warehouse with a cold gray concrete floor. This was the perfect set for the chairs to dance across, and highlighted the pop of color they brought to the scene. The colors; red, orange, teal, green, purple, gray, were the perfect choice for creating a playful mood for the performance. Had the chair been all steel gray or black, the dance would have been almost menacing and uncomfortable. However, the colors provided a joyful touch that allowed the viewers (including myself) to anthropomorphize the chairs. They became “cute.” They reminded me of the Teletubbies, the Muppets, and other childhood animal/monster characters designed to be cute and weird.

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