Bok Choy Painting – Artifact 1

I made this video for my Parsons Challenge titled “A Scandalous Bok Choy.” I used an actual piece of Bok Choy to paint a bok choy. The materials I used were wooden sticks, acrylic paint, water color markers, black pen ink and masking tape. It took two hours in total to complete this art piece. This idea came from an experience with the environment around my school and my journey the supermarket. While walking to the recycling room, I saw bags of recyclable item inside garbage. Because I am a big nature enthusiast, I believe that if each individual cared enough to recycle, the world would become less polluted. How I reflect back to this piece: instead of using a paint brush to create a painting, I went to the recycling bin and found a broken wooden stick and used a bok choy to create this masterpiece. I ripped off a bok choy leaf and taped it around the stick to create my own paint brush.

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  1. Erna R · August 27, 2017 Reply

    Fascinating video. What application did you use?

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