My Clay Process

The first idea that came to mind when talking about a memory and a shift in life was about moving from a country to another. I started off with the memory of my transition to a boarding school (the environment, people, and a real private school life) and how it built me as an individual. The memory at that time was when I was walking to my class and a boy in the year above me shouted “Hey China.” At that moment I was confused and shocked. It bothered me for a really long time and I could not figure out why his behavior affected me. Other than this memory, I thought deeper and I realized that there was a memory that has forever been in my mind and could not find a valid reason for this memory to reappear in my mind. It was my grandfather’s passing; how different it was and not knowing whether it was a suicide or an accident. From the story I heard was where he placed a chair above his bed and sat on it with his war uniform on while staring at his photo at war. After coming back from Christmas, it was my very first time visiting his bedroom. As my eyes skimmed the room, the objects that stood out most were his collection of clocks. He told stories about his time at war and how much he valued time. He was the reason that I developed a strong passion towards art. I made the proportions of the objects distorted (my grandfather smaller than the clocks) because the clocks overtake the view of the man. It shows how much time meant and as the time grows, he grows older. Overall with my final piece, it took ten hours total to complete. I am satisfied with the outcome but it would be a better piece if I had added even more details to it.


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