Time (Embodied): Emotion Poster

My emotion was sadness. I created many layers and cropped the photos into different sections because it showed the evolution of time. I took photos of empty and dark places which made it seem lonely. The artist I was inspired by was Nikos Gyfakis – his self-portraits were of people squeezing their face with their hands. I also did the same posture because it indicated a feeling of worriedness and sadness. I also chose to have an intense saturation on one of the photos on the bottom left corner because it stood out more than the other cropped photo to illuminate the feeling of loneliness. I included the “Exit” sign because when someone feels sad and lonely, they rather escape from their place to another. My artist painted self-portraits with wavy lines, what I did was cutting the photos into horizontal or vertical lines of photos because the curved ones looked a little awkward.

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