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The purpose of this bridge project was to create a conversation between two people with photographs. My partner and I decided to choose “Organic-Machinery.” My initial impression to this theme was milk because it reminded me of my mother buying me organic milk. Because milk comes from cows, the process of it made it seem like a machine. The strategy was to connect the products of animals to machinery or man-made products. The development of our piece from the beginning was layering images of animals and machines. But solely began to focus on the products the animals produced.  The purpose behind it was to relate the production of where the milk came from. Each of us focused on a certain product and were able to explore where we locate our products in photos. For example, the photo of the yellow bike with the milk splattered beside it represented the cycle of the product. In our conversation, we sent each other photos and often mimicking the actions of our products. Our conversation first started when I accidentally spilled the milk on the table and capturing it drip off from our coffee table. With a few snapshots of it, I sent the photos to my partner and then decided to pour our products onto different places. The idea of pouring the milk and honey came from our actual conversation when being face to face. We connected the jobs of the milk and honey by doing similar actions. There was a lot of dialogue between the both of us which helped us develop a stronger visualization of the theme. We discovered that most of our photographs had similar lighting and background, therefore, leading us to create photos in a grid form on Tumblr which allowed a smooth flow of where they were taken. Overall, the photos we uploaded on our Tumblr page was presented in a clean and aesthetic way which allows the viewers to admire the neutral colours and minimalistic appearance. 

The six words we used to describe our collection were lush, industrial, messy, natural, strange, and minimalistic.

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