Time (Embodied): The World Beyond His World – My Book

Time Assignment ELP-zd1b4m

In this project, I was given the sadness emotion. I planned to take photos around New York. The photographs in this book will tell a story about an old man who lost his eyesight. In his world, he imagines everything to be boring and in black and white. After losing his eyesight, he is unable to see the beauty that lies within the city. Traveling from one place to another in New York City, he takes a snapshot of everywhere he goes. Although he can not see the world, he creates his own in his mind. With all the photographs he took, he decides to put it in his journal and keeps it till the end. Not being able to see anything, he could hear the people and the moving things around him. He travels from the beach to city and he visits the Empire State Building but is unable to see the breathtaking view of the city. Spend his days visiting the city and listening to the loud sirens in the building and the jazz music from the piano, wishing he could see the world beyond his world. This is sadness.

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