Time (Embodied): Down Memory Lane

Escape Written Story


Our movie is based on the memory I (Ata) had two years ago. It was almost the end of summer so my friends and I wanted to go out and get drunk at a club. We made a reservation for seven people and we were all ready. In Turkey, if you want to get into the club, you have to open a bottle of alcohol. We had to open two bottles because we had more than five people. The problem was some of my friends said that they didn’t have enough money, so they couldn’t even cover half of their shares. I was angry because I was paying more than them, but we were all going to drink the same amount. When I came to the club, we ordered two bottles of vodka and started to drink it. I filled my glass with vodka, then I added a little bit of energy. I drank five glasses of vodka energy before starting to order some shots. We had tequila and Jager shots. I don’t remember the amount I drank because I had a blackout right after drinking some other shots. My memories were all empty from my blackout moment. My friends told me that I fell down and spilled some of the other customers’ drinks. Some of my friends ran away because they were all girls and I was like a giant next to them. My closest friend took me out and she ordered me Turkish coffee to sober me up. I was puking on the streets and I couldn’t stand up properly. My friends called an Uber and the bodyguards of the club had to carry me to the car. When I woke up, I was at my friend’s house. The last thing I remembered was the time I was still drinking and having fun. I didn’t remember any of the other things I passed through. I had the worst headache that morning. I tried to eat and drink water, but my stomach didn’t let me have anything. Whenever I swallowed something, I started to throw up again and again. After that night, I gave myself a promise that I would drink responsibly.

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