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During our critique in studio class, my idea for this project changed. I decided to have the two outermost layers to be completely covered with candies. I did not want each layer to represent something different because it will cause the viewer to focus more on each specific layer of the box. Candy is made up of artificial material which makes it “fake.” In comparison to the innermost layers, the plant at the very last layer. I glued candies on the first and second outermost layer because I am described as a sweet, bubbly, and energetic person amongst my friends and by using candy, it would be a universal icon for it. Therefore, exaggerating the idea of the “sweetness,” by layering two boxes together will help the viewers see it clearly. I decided to emphasize this idea because I wanted to show the irony within the “fake” and the “authenticity.” The third box will be representing my soft side. Though I am a gullible and humble person, I will use delicate materials to create this layer. I am gullible because I believe people easily and sometimes myths will affect the way I think. A big challenge in my life is the lack confidence I have within myself. I am also very insecure. In contrast to when other people say I look confident when meeting for the first time. This also gives a false interpretation of me because I am not actually as “sweet” and “bright” that most people may describe me as. With that being said, I added cotton balls and foggy decorative paper to make this layer. It has to be handled with care because it is fragile and easy to tear apart. Additionally, the fourth box is made out of an olive green clay which symbolizes the closing layer before the core. In the sense of a surrounding layer of closure before my true self. I decided to place a small plant inside of the fourth box captured with the question “Who am I?” This will represent my growth. Overall, there will be no text inside the book because I wanted to see if the viewers could tell what I am trying to portray. It is unlikely for anyone to mistakenly translate this to something else because, during a class critique, everyone seemed to guess what this box was.

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