Soho Site Reflection

As an observer, I was able to differentiate the architectural aspects in Soho. Their buildings were different than the ones outside of the Soho district. I’ve noticed many cast-iron buildings, which also created a repetitive pattern in the whole Soho neighborhood. It is very known as a high-end shopping area. My group and I sat down at a coffee shop to do more research on the culture, architecture, and the fashion. Based on my observation, I noticed that their clothes were mostly business casual and less of the exuberant type. We’ve come across the variety of art galleries and clothing stores with unique patterns and eye-catching colours. Because of the bright colours in the shops, it made a huge difference when I looked at the exteriors of the building. Moreover, it helped me develop the idea of the Soho identity. I admire the buildings because they weren’t all in the same colours; the buildings had a ranged between the neutral colours, dark red beige, and dark green. Based on research, the light olive green is one of the most popular colours in Soho. The people that were in the area weren’t all in business suits, though from what I saw, there were many tourists and people coming in and out. It was challenging to identify the people who actually lived in the area based on how they were dressed. The cobblestone streets seemed very popular. In comparison to where I am from, Hong Kong has a Soho district itself but they are nothing alike due to their different culture and architecture. Overall, one thing that helped me develop the idea for the garment is that modernity of glass windows in clothing stores and the reflection it makes when it is sunny. I came up with the idea of the clear vinyl because I think it would go well with the colorful garment underneath the clear vinyl. This represents the store itself, the colours on the inside and reflection on the outside.

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