Union Square Greenmarket

After visiting the Union Square greenmarket, I discovered the variety different bags that the people use in the area. I did a lot of brainstorming ranging from designing the grocery bags to coming with the idea of creating a friendly environment within the greenmarket.

I decided to go with this idea because I believe that there are good people and if everyone shared their own items and gave in, it would create a nice and friendly environment. In other words, sharing reusable bags at the greenmarket would be super efficient because of the amount of plastic bags that people use daily. I am proposing the idea of setting up a tent on each entrance of the Union Square market with massive bins filled with reusable grocery bags. For the people coming and going, they would be able to borrow bags and be given a number. For frequent visitors to the market, it would be convenient and relevant to have them donate their own bags to the greenmarket.  This would create a friendly environment and it would also show people’s integrity to take and return the bags.

There will still be plastic bags provided at each farmer’s tent. When customers forget to bring their own bags to the greenmarket, there will still be plastic bags but will be an additional cost of $0.50 for each bag. This will benefit the farmers who work hard every day to produce fresh vegetables/fruits.

Challenge: Because it is New York City, it is harder for the people to “give” than to “take.” In my opinion, people would most likely take the bags and not return them or donate their own.

Solution 1: Bag check out —> the people who choose to constantly donate bags to the greenmarket have the option of signing up via email/phone to receive coupons from the market. (donating 5 or more times)

The Bag Library

Creating a friendly and social environment

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