Integrative Seminar 1: Final Reflection

In this class, I was able to elaborate my project in different ways. In studio class, it allowed me to explore my ideas to a different level and the hands-on projects helped me build a stronger technique. In seminar class, the documentaries that were shown helped me explore creative ideas to the apex.

I have always struggled with putting my thoughts into words; such as the projects we did in class was difficult for me to describe in words when submitting a written portion in seminar. The beginning of the semester, I was not able to share my ideas during class discussions because of the prompts. But as the time progresses and the help I’ve gotten from my instructor, I slowly saw improvements. As a class, we had site visits such as Williamsburg and museums and being able to physically travel to a place also helped me see things visually. After the visit to Williamsburg, I have learned more about gentrification and their different cultural aspects such as the street art and architecture.

Paying closer attention to the projects given by studio class, the talking pictures made me think deeply about various ways that people communicated. This showed me the different ways that people could use technology with communication.
Growing beyond what I’ve learned this semester, I hope to develop more ideas and different techniques by exploring different topics and themes. Not only developing more ideas, I am looking forward to more museum and site visits which inspires me to innovate the way I create. 

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