Space & Materiality: Project 1: Phase One – Mood Board

I got my inspiration from Zayn’s robot arm appendage at The Met Gala. I was able to browse more on Iris Van Herpen’s clothing too because of its unique designs. Originally, the insect that initiated me to think abstractly was the abdomen of the scorpion. I liked the way its body had a layering pattern because it also reminded me of robots. This was my first idea but I think I will be brainstorming more on the linear materials because after the mood board that I had to use linear materials to create my armor/mask. I included the clear vinyl because it represents the shell/exoskeleton of the body. Underneath the vinyl piece, I will either have a fabric layering on the inside of the vinyl. The bamboo reminded me of the shell because the outside is hard and the inside is soft (protection).



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