Integrated Studio 2: Assignment #1 – The Walking Tour

Night photographs-2g0x85j

During the walking tour, I made my way from the UC to Washington Square then back to Stuy (dorm). On my journey to Washington Square Park, I took photos of things that stood out to me the most. When I got to the park, I observed the area and took photos of the art piece made by Ai Wei Wei that was placed in the arc. I tried my best to take photos of the art piece from different angles and make it look abstract also. After that, as I made my way back to my dorm on 1st ave, I walked by a different route and passed by Astor Place and St. Marks. At Aster Place, I was intrigued by the cool cube statue standing on its corner. It caught my attention because it reminded me of this man who lived inside of a cube house (this was from a movie I watched I forgot the name of the movie but it related to Strangest Homes/Places People Lived). After Astor Place, not too far along was St. Marks, one of my favourite places to go with my friends. I enjoy going there because of the restaurants and dessert places also the liveliness during the night time. I heard of St. Marks because of their weird and strange store located on 8th street. Because St. Marks looks different at night, I took a photo from the outside.

This was the part of the movie that reminded me of the cube house:

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