Project #1 – Phase 2 Exoskeleton (3D Mock) Process

Exoskeleton Form Development

When I was working on this project, I’ve realized that working with thin wire could be easy but also challenging when it comes down to twisting the shape you want it to be. working halfway through, I started to notice the fragility of the aluminum foil and how thin of a strip I used to roll. That made me think of using the different densities of the foil. The thicker it is the harder and more stable it is. As I got closer to finishing the model, I tested out by using my arm as the example and realized that it does not fit all the way because it was too tight near the lower arm area. I had to unwire the bottom half of it and use longer strips of aluminum foil and connect them together again. One thing that I still did not completely follow through was the end piece (where my wrist is) because I was not sure whether to incorporate the hand with the arm piece or leave it as it is. At the beginning, I did not think it would look like what I had pictured in my mind but I ended up really enjoying the making of it and the finished piece. Although this was very time consuming, the twenty hours of work was totally worth it.




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