Assignment #6 – “My Neighborhood Visit”

My task this week will be to apply the ethnographic methods of research you have already learned: walking, observation, and recording/editing, to explore a neighborhood of your choice.

My task is to visit a neighborhood and apply the ethnographic methods of research that I have already learned such as observing, walking, recording, sketching etc..

After learning about the different neighborhoods, I chose to go to Yorkville because I wanted to experience a different yet similar neighborhood of Manhattan. From the introduction video, I was interested to see the riverside because the city in Manhattan seems to be covered by tall buildings. I have not seen a park that is by the river, that is why I want to experience what it is like to be away from the center of the city. The techniques I used were audio recordings, photographing, and videotaping.

I got on the Q train from Union Square to 86th Street and took the 86th Street exit. I let the map guide me to the riverside, as I was following the route to the water, I noticed the height of the buildings. There were a few high rise buildings but I saw a majority of mid-rise buildings located within that area.


On this trip, I mainly focused on the streets that led me to the riverside and Gracie Mansion. The park I walked to was the Carl Schulz Park and there were fewer people than I expected. I took two different paths. The first path is when I started walking straight down after the exit from the subway station and the other path is when I walked from the southeast side and along the Carl Schulz park to get to the Gracie Mansion.

These were the two paths I walked from the 86th train station.

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