Space & Materiality: Assignment #5 – 3D Paper Polyhedrons

Our task was to cut out the shapes from the paper templates and make them into 3D polyhedrons using either glue or tape but without having any of these showing on the outside.

For my polyhedrons, I decided to use tapes for all of them. Firstly, I used a double sided tape on the flaps of the shapes then have regular tape on the back of the flaps. When I started off with the Tetrahedron and the Hexahedron, they were pretty straightforward and simple. But when I got to the Icosahedron, I started to mess up a little bit. It took me 2-3 times for me to complete the final shape but it challenged me to try different strategies to connect the sides together. Overall, I thought this was just an easy exercise but in the end, I learned that they were more complex than I thought it would be when I actually used my hands.



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