Int Sem 2: Strategies of Home Making

Eda Baysak – Turkey

What makes a home a “home”

“For me, a home consists of a couch, a TV, and space for yourself. We don’t ever have that in dorms so I never felt happy. Also, when you choose your own building among million mores you just do everything to satisfy yourself with the space that you got. When you start decorating with candles and decor get settled how you would like yourself rather than trying to work it out with a roommate is such a good feeling”

Eda Baysak is from Turkey and it is her second year at Parsons. I did not know who she was until I discovered her from a social media source. I decided to approach her because her feed intrigued me to want to learn more about her style of homemaking. Many of the photos she took were in her apartment, from there I decided that she could answer some of the questions of what makes her home a home.

From what I understand, Eda’s interpretation of home is how you want the space to look like. Whether you decide to keep it simple or decorating it to satisfy your aesthetic. She really liked candles and around her apartment, she has a candle on each table top. She wants her home to be a cozy environment, therefore when she mentioned about her candles it made me think that keeping candles in her apartment created a scent that made it feel like a home. Her studio apartment is mostly surrounded by glass windows; an open view of the city gives a nice set of a home (more of a reminder that my home is in New York).

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