Space&Materiality: Assignment #7 – Wood Necklace


This assignment was really fun to make. I learned a lot of new things such as twisting the wire to create a sturdy shape for the neck and how to use the wood shop. Though it was challenging at some point while connecting the two ends together, I took a small clasp from my necklaces and attached it so they have a finished look. I was inspired by my nurse from boarding school in Canada, Kaye was a really caring and close friend to me and she loved making colourful jewelry and quilts. This assignment reminded me of her. In the beginning, I did not know what to create but when I finished cutting the wood pieces, I put them together and played around with the different patterns. After finding the right shape, I decided to paint the wood pieces to give an eye-catching view. In the end, I stood away from the piece and I saw a face of an elephant. I thought I did great and the outcome of this assignment was better than I expected. I will be mailing this to my nurse and can’t wait for her feedback!

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