Assignment #12 – Social Life of Small Urban Spaces – Reflection

What to address:
– Summary of what the movie is about
– What are the important elements described in the movie
– What are the criteria for outdoor public space
– What are the criteria for indoor public space
1. Assignment description
2. Image/s of your data visualization presented information
3. Your reflection on the movie and overall assignment
The movie Social Life of Small Urban Spaces (William H. Whyte) talks about a series of different seating patterns that people present when interacting with the area. The seating areas that intrigued many people to approach was also mentioned in the movie; the interaction between people, the position that they sit and lounge, people sitting alone and much more. Some important elements were described in the movie contains the design of the step ledges and how people make a use of them.
I think the criteria for outdoor public space includes the attraction of its comfort and the community it brings amongst people in a public space. I believe that the presentation of step ledges is important because when people are looking for spaces to lounge/sit, they want to be comfortable with the way the seating is. As mentioned at 12:29, some places were designed to be functional (ledges that allow railings to stand and the spikes on the ledge that might mean to keep animals away) but people still manage to sit and care less about the discomfort. There were some areas that were designed to have water in or around the stone ledge. Some places would have flowing water but there will still be children desiring to play; moreover, the functionality of the space was designed to have a visual display in front of a building or just the public space itself.
Depending on the weather, there will be transitions between spaces (sunny and rainy days) and the impact on the outdoor and indoor spaces. As shown in the movie, people who like the sun would be sitting in the sunny area, such as the sun peaking on the corner of the building casting a block of sunshine. (32:08)
Indoor public spaces are easy to find in New York City. However, some places may cost you to buy their tickets. Indoor public spaces are like shelters for people want to hide from the sun or rain. The criteria for that is the public space should have a large space and designed in a way that people are comfortable to relax. I would imagine indoor public spaces to have trees, plants or even a small garden. In this case, it creates a community.

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