Typefaces: 1930-1940

A particularly black typeface what is a strange hybrid that includes both sans serif and modern faces. Braggadocio is commonly used in advertisements and magazines.

The type was designed by Joseph Blumenthal but was cut by Louis Hoell in the 1930s. Then, it was recut by Stanley Morison in 1935 and along with the italics for the Monotype Corporation.

Fonts I liked:


Hamburger Heaven


Betty Noir

Crystal Deco

The Futura typeface was designed by Paul Renner in 1927 and is a geometric sans-serif typeface. This “Futura” is a certified trademark of BaurTypes.

The first drawings for Futura were done in 1924. The typeface was finally released in 1927 in light (Mager), regular (Halbfett), and bold (Fett) weights. The family was expanded in 1930 to include a semi-bold weight, a bold condensed weight, as well as oblique versions for the light and regular (medium) weights. A book weight was added in 1932. Subsequently, the family was expanded by designers other than Renner to over twenty faces of varying weights and widths.





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