Assignment #15 – Ergonomic Video Reflection

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment and how they are designed so that they interact efficiently. As designers, we need to think creatively and efficiently that is fair to everyone in the environment. There are many strategies to fix and recreate but also greate interventions that are helpful for people who lack the ability to use objects. For example, people with back problems will have trouble sitting straight or getting on top of the bed. In a way to fix that, is by using a small stool or finding a support to help get onto the bed. For the chairs that have angled legs, should have springs that somewhat help the person sitting with a support.


The video introduced the meaning of ergonomics and the different ways that people approach the items in their surroundings. Referring back to my experience in my high school infirmary, I used to make Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for myself and I had to use a can opener. But every time I used one, I would end up with a different can opener which was confusing because of the design. In the video, all of them seemed familiar and it caused me to think how I could remember how each can opener worked.

Some of the examples that I thought of that need ergonomic interventions:

  • bed at the Stuy dorm (The New School) is too high and is difficult for shorter people to climb up.
  • stool too high in Parsons building with lower tables –> causes backaches because we need to arch our back to work (bad for spine)
  • the chairs in Stuy dorm –> designed for students that are used to lean back in their chair, causes back to curl in a ball

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