Project #2: Body Transformation- body extension

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Project #2 – Formal


Explore the idea of body transformation and develop a functional body extension. We will be focusing on the voluminosity of the forms and the interaction between the body. How it changed the function of the body? How it changes our perception of the body? Physically, emotionally, politically, socially. It can have the purpose of storage, protection, replacement, prosthetics, protests and more.

Research on the history of wearable extension

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was a term called “wearable technology” which was come up upon Virtual Reality (VR) applications, though in the direction of the first decade of the 21st century, VR seems more of a picturesque formulation. Like nowadays, people like to use VR for many video games where they place the device like a goggle and connect as if it was a part of their body. Wearable technology have used a great number of metaphors to conceptualize its interaction between human and nature such as extensions, prosthetics, and augmentations. Human-technology is known all over the world and for its recognition, this relationship should be embraced and to realize its creative possibilities between the material world that is expressed in recent technology. This “wearable technology” is the use of garments which also upgraded by the electronics industry as the frontier of fashion. Wearable technology in cultural form — the convergence of the of the body, in context of art and fashion, the way technology is used in the hybrid.

the increasing use of digital technology has lead people to interact with the digital world, therefore, we start to move forward with new creations. In my research, I have become familiar with the use of the body extension and the purpose of it. The creation of wearable extension is mainly for people who need support on a body part that they are lacking. However, it has a function and it works similarly but also the beauty of the making. Despite that, the design of the extension is important to the users because of how they function and the aesthetic of the extension.

For this project, I want to create a shoulder/clavicle piece that supports both the shoulders and clavicle. I wanted to create this piece because I noticed some exercises I have struggled with at the gym which involves shoulder movement. In the discovery of distal clavicular osteolysis (DCO),  the painful deterioration of the distal end of the person’s clavicle, known as the collarbone. An overuse phenomenon in which causes tiny fractures alone the end of the clavicle; the breakdown of the bone is called osteolysis. This does not only affect weightlifters but also female bodybuilders, air-hammer operators, soldiers, handball players and many others can develop this difficulty.

Design #1 process:

Design #2 process:

Technical Drawings:

Process photos:

Final Piece:


Styling Photos:


In the beginning when we were assigned this project, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my body extension and it took me a long time to find inspiration. After many days of researching, I wanted to involve a problem that I have been struggling for a long time which was the pain I had in my shoulders during weight lifting. I did some research on the clavicle and shoulder area and why people usually get shoulder pain from weighted squats during workouts. It inspired me to create a body piece that protected the upper body area – including the shoulders and clavicle. Just like football players, they have a shoulder armours to protect themselve from getting hurt while tackling another person. I was inspired by the structure of the shoulder padding and the way it looks underneath the football clothing because I have never seen the actual construction of the protective piece and how it was assembled. This project was a challenge because of the choise of materials. We were required to use planner/plain material to create this body extension and I did not realize how tough it was to create a piece out of all planner material. As I kept browsing for materials, I chose to use clear polycarbonate sheets and fabric to create this extension. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the first design due to the fire at 2 West 13th Street (due to fire) I did not have access to the tool check out. However, I was able to play with different materials to solve the situation. I used chipboard and spray painted it gold to make it look professional. Overall, I did not think I would be able to complete this project but at the end, I ended up adoring my piece because it looked elegant and chic (especially after taking the styling photos). I am very proud of what I have accomplish. I have come to realize that everything is a challenge, but as long as you put enough effort and time into it, you will be rewarded with good results and a feeling of achievement.


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