Assignment #18: Video Reflection

We were assigned to watch these videos and reflect on them.
First video
 Building the perfect city
The way they use trash shoots and the electric transportation (cars to pod)
Fujisawa motion sensor lights and invisible security network, solar-powered houses
Money is coming from commercial and private organizations
Limit the number of homes you are building
Second video
Smarter data-driven policing
Embracing many different sources and ways of using data analytics and smart technologies – changing the way we fight crime today
Game changer “Palantir” a powerful application that can claim CIA (a search system) —> allowing the system to search for past arrest records, home address, phone numbers etc
Third video
Smart trash cans
The United States spends $55 billion a year managing waste
The trash/garbage can system that connects to an application is super effective —> alerts the system that this trash can is full and needs to be take out
Big belly solar
A great way to saving money and energy due to the solar technology
Forth video
London – Largest offshore wind farm
Powerful enough to generate electricity to half a million homes
Growing population means a growing need for energy
Each turbine is larger than the London eye takes 10mph to spin
Fifth video
Large building use 70% of the nation’s electricity and responsible for 40% of the nations CO2 emissions
Green technology
An automatic sensor in weather conditions – controlled by the greenest building in the world
Leaves a positive impact in the world because they are living in a sustainable way
Fifth video
California experiencing one of the worst droughts in history —> struggling to get fresh water
Desalination process takes a lot of energy but in order to get fresh processed water, it is beneficial to use as much energy that is provided
But can negatively impact on marine life
Sixth video
Americans spend up to 37 billion hours waiting in line to get their food
New recognition technology will have the ability to count/track every pedestrian in the city
How to serve New Yorkers better by implementing this new technology
“Placemeter” —> wanting to change this current system (inefficient way of counting people on the streets)
Online traffic video feeds (Placemeter) counts 10 million people per day
Paying people to install the application and place their own device on this window to track the number of people outside their homes
Start to detect people’s age and genders
Though not everyone in the city will like this new detecting system because of personal information
Seventh video – City of tomorrow
Eight video
Building smarter and more efficient and not just great to look at
Elevator system that creates power every time it collected people from floor to floor — power goes back to the system and the building itself
If it gets too hot outside, there is a system where they have 13,000 tons of ice to cool the building
Ninth video – Masdar city
Striving to the greenest city on earth
Walking to places —> an automatic driving pod that takes you to places without money
Environmentally Sustainable, economically and socially
Globalization is the key issue for the future
Tenth video
Museum designed in a way that is super efficient—> each piece of art is carefully inspected  and everything is kept in a temperature controlled setting
Eleventh video
Future needs to be designed around the human being
Smart urban furniture connecting people to the city
Using a solar panel to enable power and charge your electric devices
These were the notes I took during each video. After watching each individual video, I was able to reflect on how every design has a unique but also an effective intake of the environment. However, it is obvious that each design should be different and sustainable, it also has an impact on the people globally. These videos were extremely interesting and enlightening because I learned a lot of information that the objects, smart technology, and a system can help a city.

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