Assignment #17

Part One:

Pages 70-72 were examples of some questions that we (designers) should be thinking about to expand our thinking to another level; to push our thinking further and in-depth so we can challenge ourselves. The questions are there to guide our thoughts and work beyond a limit.

I think it is a great idea to use these examples when I design because it is not only helpful for me but also to the users.

Part Two:

Asking questions-LINK

Objective: To learn how to make design decisions based on the potential identified problems.

Take proper account of the interaction between products, systems, or processes you design and the people who use them.

Collage PDF

Part Three:

Original concept

Redesigned park (potential)

I chose to design the park like this because I wanted to create an environment that brings people together. A friendly and sustainable environment, a place where people interact with each other – a “community garden”

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