Space & Materiality: Assignment #10 – Laser cut – pattern – polyhedron


-We are asked to create one polyhedron that must have 5 or more panels (not a pyramid and not a square)
-The polyhedron panels must have a pattern applied by the laser cut.
-Make sure the pattern is harmonious and is esthetically appalling


-White plexiglass

-Gold 18 gauge wire




This assignment was probably one of my favourite assignment/projects because of the process. It was fun to be in the laser lab and to see how everything was cut into detail. I will definetly go back to play around with the different materials and cuts. At first, the layout of the design looked more like cartoon cheese pieces but as it finished cutting, it made the plexi class a lot more like a shape with many holes. It was a little difficult of connect the triangles together but I managed to find a way to make it work which was by using tape (I eventually took the tape off) I wanted to carve my name on one of the sides of my polyhedron, therefore, I did put “By Lucy Zeng.” I was a little dissappointed because the plexiglass was a little burnt on the inside but as an overall result, I really enjoyed the making of it and how it turned out to look at the end. I’m happy with the outcome and I would make a good use of this polyhedron.

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