STUDIO 1: Kimberly Connerton Project 3 Final

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Final Project PUID 2010 – interior design studio 


Project Description:

In Project 3 we continue our investigation of the threshold and altering the conventional room devices in interior design. The curtain has often been, in many ways underestimated and reduced, at times because of outdated societal notions of gender, domesticity and not valuing the feminine. This investigation desires to move beyond the reduction of the discipline of interior design and leave behind any negative ideas about the feminine or curtains. Students will work in groups of 2 or 3 and select a site, analyze the site, conduct research of the site and develop a position and make a case for the curtain or screen propose. Circulation, how the interior space in the ID Studio is being used, how you want to intervene, disrupt, add, subtract, and transform it.


This project was inspired by both organic and geometric structures. Once we understood the prompt given by our teacher we started looking for abstract inspiration for this project and ended up feeling very attracted to marine organisms, especially jellyfish. We really enjoyed the movement and forms that a jellyfish has and wanted to play with these characteristics in our project. We decided to try and recreate the organic movement seen in these creatures through the use of recycled acrylic and delicate beads/pearls to create an effect of motion on our piece. The base for our project was a brass structure that was inspired by Zaha Hadid’s highline building. This structure helped us mold our acrylic while using a heat gun to change its form. This created a very interesting juxtaposition between the organic and the geometric. We wanted to place our screen/curtain in a place near a window that would provide natural light since we want the shaped acrylic and crystal beads to interact with light and provide the interior space with new shapes, shadows, and colors.

           Furthermore, this piece is an interactive one. We created a screen/space that when one stands within it or lays underneath it, they get immersed in a new world. We wanted to enchant the person who would come to interact with our piece, hence the name. Overall, this project creates a sense of relaxation, movement, and enchantment that we really hope everyone enjoys.


We went through a lot of trial and error. The plexiglass did not bend the way we want it to (in the shape of a jellyfish head).  The heavier crystal beads were too heavy for some of the strands to hold. Some of the holes in the plexiglass were too big and the strings would not hold.

If we had more time to work on this, we would definitely tried to bend the plexiglass a little more and have it move up and down beside side to side.


Overall, this project took a really long time to finish in terms of heat gunning the plexiglasses (total of 10 hours). I was a fun project although it was hard to picture it as an interior designer. I really liked the outcome of our product and it works great in our chosen location. It looks amazing and I wish it was an actual installation somewhere.


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