Materiality + Assembly: Tania Ursomarzo – Journal #1

Jan 23,2019

We went to the University Centre and looked at a few materials on the lobby floor (entrance level).

What I learned/notes from the discussion:

  • grey concrete wall mixed with an agent that makes it a mixture
  • fiber reinforced concrete – fiberglass

Floor – White

-> Terrazzo – stone

  • They are a mixture of stone chunks and concrete which makes it what it is
  • expensive to install
  • lifespan for a long time/forever
  • hard to tell where it stops or starts

Grey stone – crushed aggregate because it is so fine and added pigment to make/turn darker

The ratio of stone to concrete –> there is more concrete

Grind and polish to end with a glossy feel

Concrete reflects sound – hard material


Wood –

  • Use bamboo because of the horizontal lines
  • wall clashing panels – usually bought in sheets
  • the treatment in the auditorium wood has holes that allow for acoustic mitigation (keeping sound in the room)
  • cladding of auditorium allows for air to get behind the material to allow the noise to be restrained
  • a type of soft material – acoustic material

Gold brass railing

  • brass with patina
  • touches a lot – will show that it affects of time and wear
  • steel in the elevator – with patina
  • can also add paint finishes but also add on a chemical finish or the metal

Glass (underneath the railing)

  • inside and outside wall cladding
  • fastened to the floor – this is a structural glass
  • usually 3/16th of an inch, quarter to an inch –> but this was half an inch

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