Material + Connection: Tania Ursomarzo – Material Connection Visit

Jan 24, 2019

Today we went to Material Connection on 101 Park Avenue. We walked around and picked some of the materials that I found interesting and intriguing. I took a lot of photos of the ones that I thought were unique, fun, and different.

The first item that stood out to me was a type of fabric.

A coated knit fabric that incorporates double the amount of retro-reflective particles which allows it to create a rainbow effect on the surface. Polyurethane is used to coat a knit polyester textile that has stretchiness, abrasion and water resistant. Can be cut down and sewn like a regular coated fabric. Applicable for apparel, accessories, upholstery and other soft interior surfaces.

Manufactured in Taiwan

Slightly reflective, stretchy, UV resistant

I would see this in a children’s playroom or an indoor trampoline park with (neon) lights.


The second item:

This is a thin, natural coating on a translucent, flexible, lightweight, self-adhesive foil for interior design. The product on the left is made of 100% residual moss, the 90% is made from jasmine blossoms and 10% rose petals under high pressure using a CO2 – neutral process. The coatings are eco-friendly, safe, and they help regulate indoor air humidity. Will be applicable for wallpaper and furniture. The material brings the “outdoors inside” with its natural smell, touch, look, and feel.

Standard Size: 3050mm x 1320mm

This type of material would possibly be used as a wallpaper in the interior of a store that sells plants and gardening tools. Also at an outdoor playground – as a small block stool.

Manufactured in Austria.

Sustainability: lightweight, low toxicity, renewable content, waste material content.

The third item: Naturals

This is a quartz-based solid surfacing that is strong, durable, and lightweight but also with improved physical and mechanical properties. It is manufactured one at a time using a “proprietary technique” to attain the deep veining that runs top to bottom which results in one of a kind slabs. Very popular among interior designers who work for clients that want more of a clean and aesthetic style in their homes. This material would be used for kitchen tops, kitchen islands, floors, bathroom surfaces, and wall coverings. This is one of my personal favourites and it is one of my ideal themes when designing interior spaces. Sound reflecting, low to medium temperature usage, glossy and opaque. Zero water absorption, surface hardness or natural quartz, low thermal expansion coefficient, fire resistance with smoke emission.

Standard slab size: 120 x 55.1 in / 2cm thickness

Manufactured in Spain.

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