Talking Pictures: Pictorially Fake Talking Your Reality

This project is a photographic dialogue between Luolin Qin and Seunghwan Jeong.

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Luolin Qin and Seunghwan Jeong

After visiting Context of Met Exhibit in Metropolitan Museum, Qin and Jeong grouped up to create a similar photographic conversation as their assignment for Integrative Studio class. They conducted their dialogue through photographs related to “fake”. Photos were taken every day by their mobiles, edited, and then sent back and force. They achieved to create a file containing 36 photographs in total. They decided to crop the images to suitable sizes, print them on a 40’25 inches paper and fold it as a memorial, an official communication to the Emperor of China, for class presentation

Luolin Qin (Chinese, born 1997) is a freshman in Parsons Fashion Design program. Raised in China before 16, she visited different places and started to observe the outside world. Qin had talent on art from childhood; she participated in several drawing and piano competitions in primary and middle schools, and made achievements along the competitions. She started her high school in Vancouver in 2013, where she took the first independent step into the society. She majorly took academic courses such as calculus, physics, and chemistry; she was accepted by Civil Engineering program in UBC and Waterloo in 2016, but she decided to take a step back and re-apply university as an art student. 

Seunghwan Jeong (Korean, born 1998) is a freshman in Parsons design program. Born and raised in Korea with few years of experience as a International student, he as a child thought he had no relation with art because none of the family members had an artistic background. However, he always had interest in the design aspects of things around him and realized he wanted to learn more about design and applied to Parsons.  

The final presentation.

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