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On Thursday, October 12th, Zen, Enya and I visited Bloody Angle in Chinatown for Bridge 3 project for our studio class. Before leaving, I did some research about this special street that had a sharp bend in the middle. I knew that Bloody Street was named because of numerous shootings among the Tong Gangs of Chinatown that lasted into the 1930s. I expected to see something gloomy there, and the place did met my expectation in some ways.

(Research before actual visit, link:

(Audio recorded by Luolin, which illustrates the silence in Doyers Street. Listeners can hear the sound from wind, light footsteps, handcrafts, and the brief conversation between my group members. The larger noise is from a decorating barber shop.)

It was cloudy on Thursday, and there were few passengers on the street, and most of the shops were not opened yet. Buildings were old compare to others in NYC. Even though there were no historic marks about gangster or murders remained there, the typical silence and grey atmosphere made Bloody Angle mysterious and thrill to me.  I didn’t even want to stay longer after recording audio for the project,

(Videos recorded by Enya)

(Quick sketch by Luolin)

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