Project 2: Occupy

For the second project for my Space and Material class, I am required to create a piece of work that can occupy the desk surface in a special way using wood.

At the beginning of the formal thinking process, I think about making a long chain made by even wood boards that connects the two adjacent angles of the desk, but after receiving the critiques from my professor and classmates, I decide to make a smaller one which has different ways of connecting in between the pieces, so that the whole piece is not consistent or boring.

Making Process:

I am asked to make a story based on the work I create near the end of the making process. Since there is only one part that is obviously taller than the others, I concentrate on this piece and compose a story of Redmoon, a city above skyline:

Redmoon can only be observed in full-moon days in the Himalayan region. A red ambiguous outline can barely be distinguished beside the blight moon, with a tree shape in the middle of the circle.

Redmoon is a mysterious city floating above the ground and slightly below the atmosphere. It was most likely formed four thousand years ago, since it was the last time that the city and its civilians were recorded in ancient Tibetan book, while the city is lifted “by a supernatural power” during a huge earthquake disaster.

The geographical location creates difficulties for most of the plants to grow in Redmoon, due to the freezing temperature and rarefied air. The tree, however, is the only non-human living habitat that provides Redmoon civilians with energy for living. What is more, the civilians can survive without regular eating and sufficient oxygen. Strangely, the Redmoon civilians and Tibetans share the same orient. Since the city is too distant from the ground, it gradually develops its own culture. A majority of the buildings are still made by stones in ancient Tibetan style, but civilians believe in the undefined goddess who saved them from the disaster before, compared to how Buddhist becomes the mainstream religious in Tibet. The other significant difference is that the Redmoon people are more spiritual on developing culture, and they are not interested in technical development, since they are satisfied with their current situation.

Redmoon is isolated from earth from many perspectives. The outer shell is made by undefined elements that prohibit anything to come in or out. In recent decades, scientists have tried to use satellite and other techniques to explore Redmoon. However, humans have only received some blurred images about the outer structure of Redmoon. Scientist nowadays are trying to connect to the civilians using other methods, after they failed the attempt of using signals.

Overall I am not satisfied with the quality of the work after I compare it to other classmates’, since a lot of them are making something more fantastic than me. However, I really appreciate the process of testing different materials and ways of connecting woods together.

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