Bridge 2: Final Reflection

After bringing my Diptych 1 to the class critique, I am not satisfied that few viewers can understand the theme that I want to demonstrate (to satirize American jerks who bully people from other countries because they think they are on the top of the world.) I think about how to express the topic better, so decide to make some change on delivering information. Starting with my Diptych 6, I keep some of the elements of the original diptych (color, background, and main objects) but change the media and text to capture my idea better. I also change the media from acrylic to fine line pen which I have more control with. The quality of line are different from before: they are cleaner and straighter, and it won’t lead readers to think about pollution (as Diptych 1 does). I choose to use marble paper instead of masks because masks are so strongly related to the pollution part of the environment, which is distracting to my main theme. In fact, it does take me some time to give up using masks because at first I don’t want to break the synchronization of all of the diptychs.

Diptych 6:

My marble paper I draw on is white, and I use blue and red respectively to portrait a rat and a pigeon who are decorated as the Statue of Liberty (decor drawn in black, meaning horror humor). Instead of filling color when drawing the flag, I use lines with high density to capture the large amount. I was initially planning to put text on the empty spaces between the red bars (on the flag), but finally decide to give up because they will be distracting. What is worth mentioning, Diptych 3 gives me some inspiration, and I try to connect the rat with homeless people who are a part of NYC street culture, ad connect the pigeon with US tourists in foreign countries. They are representative of American jerks inside and outside the country. However, the ideas of “inside” and “outside” still doesn’t work as well as I wish.

Diptych 7:

This is an extension of Diptych 6, since I want to develop further on its content. Diptych 6 is in a balanced status where I should not add more information (from my perspective), and by simplifying, duplicating and editing with 6, Diptych 7 is born which carries more obvious information that I want to express. When I do this diptych, I ask myself what makes me hate USA, and hoodlums with bad behaviors are the most important factor here. Citizens are the most representative figure of a country; to capture this, I make two USA flags based on Diptych 6, and I add text to show that the jerks dare to be presumptuous because they have a country that stick up for them.

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