Graphic Narrative

In this assignment we are required to use the “Comics” style of graphic narrative to present movements through spaces and times. Affected by a project I did in my Studio class, I decided to use limited color within blue, red, white and black to create an theme about magic.

Starting with HW 6, I took a picture of pigeons standing on a man’s body in Washington Square Park:

The pigeon reminds me the magic trick of bringing a pigeon from hands. I took pictures of my hand and a wooden hand model, and brought them into Photoshop, and make a series of photographs.

However, even though the context was consistent, the content was dislocated and viewers could not make connections between one another. I re-edited the photos to connect them better.

At last, the content was good enough to present what I wanted to show. However, the paper I used for printing was not in a good quality and therefore affected the final presentation.

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