Bridge 3: Taxonomy

For Bridge 3, I am required to explore places related to my content – environment, and do further visual research. 18 photographs and 18 sketches are created, after I explore the environment near me. Since my Bridge 2 focuses on the dirty side of NYC, I turn my camera to the scenes related to pollution and littering. I walked around the neighborhood near my dorm, and find how New Yorkers treat the city in a negative attitude.

It is interesting for me that different types of garbages appear in different places during my exploration, which makes me question where they are from, why they appear, and what is the impact they bring. The different locations and different forms of garbages give me a lot of inspirations when I am creating sketches, and thinking about how they effect the city and citizens enable me to use another form of representing the objects in the photos, rather than just drawing them.

In some of the sketches, I use metaphor to replace objects in the original photos. For instance, I use bombs instead of black garbage bags, in terms to symbolize the potential danger in the bag. In the two sketches about trees, I use personification to enable trees to smoke. I also use throwing basketball to symbolize littering. Creating metaphors enable me to dig deeper in the relations between things and people in the city, and in the process between past and future. What is more, the sketches can help me to demonstrate the deeper meaning, instead of directly transform the photograph onto the sketchbook.

Since there is a great difference between my sketches and photos, I tried two different layouts, and eventually decided to use the left one, since my sketches and photos are matched up. Even though I like the layout on the right, it would be hard for viewers to pair up the two related images.

On Monday’s group critique, both Zen and Ellen can tell that my images are related to the old dirty side of NYC. They can also read my emotion through the sketches, which I feel satisfied because I start to make the meaning in my work more obvious than Bridge 2. They give me some key words, including city planning, idealized, and antique, which will be really helpful when I explore further in the following projects.

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