Time: Final Project

My final project may be in whatever medium I judge to be best suited to communicate my aspects of time. The first medium I chose was video because I wanted to improve on my video-editing skills. Starting from brainstorming, when I was alone and stare at the blank, I always thought about what I would be like in parallel worlds.

In the first week of the project, I was looking at the door in my dorm and imagine something would sneak in and climb onto the wall. I quickly drew the idea of a group of ghosts trying to dominate my room.

I shifted my idea from ghost to banana skin and octopus monster a few days after to make the movement stronger. I took a few clips of my dorm from my phone, exported in PS and drew on the frames.

At the same time I came up with two ideas about my second medium. The first was jewelry design (on the photograph above), but the jewelry won’t show up on the video, plus I was not confident about making it. I made a prototype using 3D printing pen, but decided to ban it because it was not good enough.

The second idea was a cooking dish of octopus, connected after I caught the octopus monster. I shot clips of cooking octopus and edited it to a recipe.

After I made the cooking recipe, I started to make the transition to expand the screen horizontally. I shot 4 short clips and played at the corner of the screen for expansion.

One day before the final presentation, I changed the speed and duration of some of the clips to polish the video.

On the final day I brought the video and the octopus dish. The video was much better than what I made at the beginning of learning Pr. The dish also received applause from my “customers”. Unfortunately, I forgot to document the dish; 5 minutes after I reminded it, everything was gone beside the container…

Overall, I have made leap-and-bound progress in this project, and in this course. I am satisfied with my creativity, hard work and effort I made in my last two projects. I wish to explore more on video effects and composition if I had more time.

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