Time Vivian Maier

August 1960. Chicago, IL

August 1960. Chicago, IL

This photo best represents city for me because it contains variety of buildings and people.

1. How does this documentary Finding Vivian Maier and her work relate and embrace the concept of time?

Vivian Maier’s work represent the city back in 1950s, the time back then. There were no high quality camera at that time, so all her work that were shoot by an old-fashion camera embrace the concept of time. The documentary tracks back in time to “find” Vivian Maier and embrace the concept of time.

2. How does Vivian Maier works exemplify the city/NYC to you?

Vivian Maier took photos of variety of people walking in the cities who all have different backgrounds. Those people represent the idea of city

3. How do you respond to her work?

I feel really touched when I look at her work. I am very impressive by her work because she was untrained or never had any professional classes. She was so talented and I am so glad that we have the chance to see her work and be amazed by them.

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