Bridge 3 || Peer- and Self-Evaluation

How did your group members contribute to this collaboration? (Write in list form, indicating each individual’s contributions.)

1)Soo research 2) Magen outline 3) Lin detail    4)Eno record from research

Assign each of your group members a letter grade for their contributions to this assignment. Explain these choices.

1 Soo A We went to Grand Central Terminal, Soo is a great English speaker, so she’s done the most part of it.

2 Magen A Magen has gather the information we get from research together and made the outline for this essay. She makes this story more completely.

3) Eno  We’ve done a lot of research at the beginning, Eno worked so hard for recording for us to do this essay

Assign yourself a letter grade for your contributions to this assignment. Explain this choice.

4) 3) Lin  A   I am responsible for checking the detail of this essay.  And make sure we fill all information into essay correctly.


How was the work divided in your group? Was the workload equal? Explain.

We had a small meeting about the group work. We all have no divergences of working. It’s not equal. Because we all have our own part we are good at. So, we decided to do it this way even it’s not equal, we all want to try our best to do a good group work.

How do you believe your group members succeeded as collaborators? What feedback for improvement would you offer if given the opportunity?

My partners are not like just finish the work, they are more like willing to learn things. We all do. Base on this, we all trust each other we’ll do our best. I am willing to have feedback with my mistake or what I haven’t done enough. It will encourage me to be better.


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