Bridge 2

Bridge 2 || Individual Peer Evaluation, Self-Reflection, + LP Post

Each individual within a partnership must answer each of these questions thoughtfully. Post the self-reflection, along with your final draft, to the learning portfolio. Upload the reflection and peer evaluation to Canvas, along with a link to your learning portfolio post in the comments section here, and submit a printed copy along with your Bridge 2 assignment. (The reflections and peer evaluations may be submitted individually, unattached to the final group submission.)


How did your experiences in Studio and Seminar inform each other throughout the process of writing and making Bridge 2?

Bridge 2 is a very interesting assignment. It contains imagination and corporation for me and partners. It’s my first time doing a team essay like this. My partners gave me a kind of easy part of essay. It had so much fun of reading and talking to partner to understand this essay to write a good ending of it.

What did you discover about your work and yourself through this particular collaboration?

I discovered that I like group more than individual, I like to communicate with others to gather the ideas together.

What risks did you take in this project? What risks did you decide against taking? Why?

It’s my part of the essay. All my partners are better than me. And I was afraid of couldn’t write a good ending. This is the only risk I have for this project and I tried my best to finish it. Because this is my first time doing a team work. I really want to have a good corporation with my partners

From this point onward, how would you like to improve as a collaborator?

I feel like I would like to do the collaboration more first, and communication is very important. Accepting and giving the advices could make the collaboration better.

Peer-and-Self- Evaluation

How did your partner contribute to this collaboration?

They all trying to make us more like one thought in this project. They collect resources and sharing to make our project better. They never complain, they are just doing their best for this team work.

Assign your partner a letter grade for their contributions to this assignment. Explain this choice.

I will give them A+. Collaboration is a hard thing. It’s more like a test for this group and everyone in this group.  My partners have no problem with team work.

Assign yourself a letter grade for your contributions to this assignment. Explain this choice.

I will give myself a B+. All my partners are better than me.  My English is not as well as them. I’ve got a lot of help from them. And also I tried my best for not being the one who would kill the collaboration.

How was the work divided in your group? Was the workload equal? Explain.

Jessy is responsible for research and collect resources for our story.

She made the outline , and I do the detail of the story. Actually she’s done more than me. Because things is hard at beginning especially when you are creating something.

How do you believe your partner/group members succeeded as collaborators? What feedback for improvement would you offer if given the opportunity?

We know each other, we have a lot of things in common. And we have good talk about this. We both want to write a beautiful story. I prefer the feedback of my problems no matter from the essay or the process of it.  That makes me could stay away from mistakes and being better.

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