Bridge 1

  1. How did your experiences in Studio and Seminar inform each other throughout the process of writing and making Bridge 1?

    It was a little hard about bridge one. I’ve been confusing about my future. This is the reason why I choose to write a letter to the past me. I was willing to tell past me to avoid bad experiences what coming. When I look back while writing the letter. It’s an opportunity to see what I couldn’t see at the old time.

  1. What did you discover about your work and yourself through the first draft?

Actually I found out one thing by the first draft and growing up. I shouldn’t insist my life by hope, I should always insisting to make a hope.

  1. What did you discover about your work and yourself through revision?

I really bad at grammar for writing which I really need to work hard for.

  1. What did you discover about your work and yourself through the use of sensory details?

I chose to write the memories I couldn’t forget for life. Those are full of real emotion whenever I think of them. Those are like a corner of my life where could lead and teach me in the future.

  1. Why did you choose to make the revisions you did? (Give a minimum of two specific examples).

1 It’s for my bad writing skill.

2 I want to get a good grade of it.

  1. What was your intention for the final memoir, and how do you feel you conveyed that intention? 

I’d like to record them like a library which could be an amazing thing and I will be like another person to review and keep them.

  1. What risks did you take in these projects? What risks did you decide against taking? Why?

There is one risk I had and decided to against is how can I perfectly and directly present my idea through my mind.  I don’t have that confidence for it, this is why I chose to against.


  1. What did you learn in your experiments with different techniques in Studio? For the final five postcards, why did you choose the technique you did

I’ve learned how to create a project by my thought comprehensively.


  1. From this point onward, how would you like to improve as a writer and creator over the course of the semester?

First, I certainly will word as much as I can with my grammar as a writer. I will go read more book and write down some interesting quotation and read them over again. I also will go the learning center of the school to improve it. As a creator, I want to exchange more with professor and classmates.



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