Final Project

For our final project, we need to make a wearable design based on our fairy tale written for seminar class.

This fairy tale is about a witch that always help others with her magic, however, everyone in the town isolated her because they believe that witch represents evil. She then fell in love with him and they were engaged. Unfortunately, the man didnt appear on the day of marriage. She turned into a bad witch because of hate. Later on, she found out that the man died from tsunami while finding pearls as a gift for the witch.

For this design, I wanted to fulfill a marriage for the witch that she missed. I used a red plastic fabric because I believe red represents roses and love that specifically portrayed the relationship between the two main characters. I also burned the left corner because I think their love was tragic, and I wanted to emphasize the traumatic love by making some unperfections at a not as obvious spot.

I added many artificial diamonds that represent hope, and the beautiful side of marriage.

The design can also be lit up in the dark because I wanted it to be a design that can fully express who she is. So I used light as a method to illustrate her magic.

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