For this assignment, we were assigned to make a portrait with our group. The portrait must contain our similarities of characteristics.

For this project. We first gathered and talked about our life details. Then we transferred the messages into symbolism. I decided to use the method of collage and drawing to make this project. I also chose the main features or characters in this artpiece to be male because my partner and I were both very straightforward and we believe that male represents power. We both wanted to have the power to not only control the decision we made, and to choose the life that we wanted to live in.

Such as the hand that represents both of our belief in Buddhism.


  We assume that both of are very emotional, we get angry easily. So we used red to illustrate our temper and our anger. We also made an explosion look that portrays how we are almost uncontrollable when we get angry. The yellow washed out face represents when we sees the certain moments in our life that we are sick on or not comfortable with.  The blue face represents the little “evil” hidden deep us such as the secrets that we hide.

However, we belives that both of us have our own strengths. So the green faces represents our intelligence.

Below is the final project!

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