For this assignment, we were assigned to make five postcards that each represents one of the senses. My inspirations came from my magazine full of old movies that I assume were from the 20th century. The magazine attracted me right away when I saw the cover page, it was a picture of two couples kissing. I started to skim over the pages, and most of the images inside were surrounding relationship. So I decided to make a series of postcards about a love story by approaching the five senses psychologically and physically in the story.

For this postcard. I started off with “taste”. I put on a female and a male face to face depicting the two couples enjoying the taste of love.

Then I focused on sight. How the way of people looks at you can be so powerful. Every one is an individual that has their own perspective, no matter if they are caring or harming. The two couples started to hide secrets back of each other.

Next, they involved in a big fight, they confronted their secrets and “heard” all the truth. 

They both eventually realized that they were together because of getting advantages from each other. The female was with the male because of his wealth. The male was with her because of his own physical desire and couldn’t be without the “touch” of the female.

In the end, they finally accepted the reality and gave up on each other. They both smoke because of the “smell” that they are used to. Both of them were starting to realize each other’s weakness, but they ignored the fact of love is forgiving. They transfer their hope and stress on cigarettes because wanted to feel the sense of accompanying just like before when they were together.


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