LP Response: Avedon

As we know, the girl in the picture is the famous female star Marilyn Monroe, sexy, smart, intelligent. She is the dream pursuit of contemporary men. From this picture, she was wearing a black sexy dress, her hands hanging down naturally, soft and wavy blond hair. From her eyes, she saw that she was thinking about something. She did not look at the camera and maybe she did not see anything. Her smile is reminiscent of people, but she does not show her attractive smile. Of course, it may be difficult to solve the things she is thinking about, or she remembers an important moment for her. Her expression makes people curious, and make people wanted to explore what the beauty was thinking about, what made her not smile? what is she think about? The background of this photo is black and white, giving a feeling of depression. Of course, it is the background that makes her feel combined with this background.

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