Sentence 1


As with Chanel’s little black dress, it cost more to look “truly poor” than just ordinarily so, which new jeans by themselves could easily accomplish.


This is ironic because jeans originally represent poor and working class. Now, people are paying more money for a pair of “worn-looking” “acid-washed” jeans to look “poor”. We see the same thing happening today. Often, ripped up jeans from big brands like Balmain cost more than new jeans from stores like Zara and UNIQLO.


Sentence 2


It’s not just about cowboys and country and western anymore. It used to be that denim meant play clothes: now men want to wear it to the office the next day.


This is interesting because jeans use to only related with wild west culture. Now, middle class men are making jeans a part of their daily life. They also wear jeans to work. This is really important because now jeans have entered the middle class. More people can comfortably find themselves inside jeans. Jeans can give these office men more meaning than before. This idea also travelled to other nations across the border.


Sentence 3


The transmogrification of jeans from loose-fitting, baggy trousers into pants so snugly pulled over the posterior as to require some women to lie down to get into them.


This is interesting because we still see skinny jeans really popular today. They are invented by manufacturers in the 1970s. They made these jeans with really soft materials. This is really creative. More girls out there can express who they really are with skinny jeans and jean skirts. This is really important because girls use to only wear regular or slightly oversized jeans. The style is old and it comes from men. Now, girls feel they are a part of something that were previously only associated with men.


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