Clothing the Self – Bridge 2 STUDIO& MoMA inspiration

Clothing the Self – Bridge 2 STUDIO& MoMA inspiration

The costume that I chose was designed by Kansai Yamamoto. It is a space body suit that David Bowie wore on the “Aladdin Sane” tour. According to Yamamoto, the suit was inspired by a meeting with David Bowie. He said that suit received its inspiration from a mixture of eastern and western culture.

I chose two different colors of fabric, black and red. These two colors are opposite colors in Chinese culture.

I chose these two colors to reflect that I am influenced by both western and eastern cultures. I made the pant quite revealing because I want to express that woman should be allowed to freely express themselves.

In my culture, girls are always told to cover most parts of their body from a very early age. However, I think girls should be allowed to express themselves freely.

This set of costumes shows my own yearning and freedom of dress. The hat is another explanation. In my country, parents want you to be like, dignified and elegant, and my own inner yearning is exactly the opposite, which makes I want to be free abroad.

My top piece has fur on it because I want to express my deep appreciation for nature. I chose synthetic fur because I want the world to know that I love animal and we should boycott the use of natural fur. However, by using fur, I am symbolizing human’s closest relationship with mother nature.   


MoMA inspiration 


The reason for choosing this art is that I like the composition and color of this picture, which represents my inner feelings. This is what I like and it feels simple and comfortable. Feel the power of women, independence, and no fear.

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