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Assignment #5: Video Reflection

There is a saying that a picture can say a thousand words. With this in mind defining the word beauty seems impossible. When we google this simple yet complicated word we are meet with the long technical and somewhat general definition of beauty. “A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” I think of this definition of beauty as the trunk of the tree. From there on every branch, twig, leaf, flower is an extension of the meaning of beauty. You see as individuals we have our own definitions of beauty. Therefore every person on this Earth has their own part of the tree with their own identity of beauty.

Richard Seymour introduces beauty in an excellent way. He quickly points out that beauty is not just seen but felt. It carries happiness, pain, sadness, joy, etc. And when looking upon someone or something beauty can be interpreted in more than one way. I believe that our beliefs and cultures play a role in our personal images of beauty. Therefore, when watching the videos on beauty and culture I shared a connection of understanding in Delali Bright’s words. Beauty is seen in different ways, just like a picture is seen in different ways. Born in West Africa, her culture raised her to understand that her bodies natural thin physical appearance was an ugly characteristic. It was because of tradition, family and culture that she spent so much time of her life in trying to change her figure all the way up until she moved to America. The change of countries and the vanishing of her personal culture into the massive blend of culture that America already was immediately changed the meaning of beauty. Suddenly her natural figure was considered beautiful.

Every country, every state, every city, every town, every community, every school, every class, every person has their own understanding of of what is beautiful in this world. This is why there is an infinite amount of definitions for beauty.

As our society has grown and adapted to cultural fusion, communication and educational influence our understandings of this one word have branched out. It will also continue to branch out as our generations develop and we continue to accept one another.

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