Hybrid Mask


Bridge Project #1:Hybrid Mask

Phase One

To begin a project you need to provide the research and understanding behind the steps your about to take. For my culture mask I’ve chosen to interpret the Polish culture. Below are my research pages as well as my mood board creation.

     Ancient civilizations weren’t always Empires. Before many people settled down on specific lands they were hunter and gathers or just small towns that thrived singly and not under a full state. This was the case with Poland. Before this modern country even became a country they were just settlers on a land that followed their own rules. In simple words vikings ruled the lands. However to this day their culture is still present in a large amount.

     Poland was officially founded by Mieszko I and baptised in 966. From then on it was recognized as a kingdom and grew vastly throughout the European continent. Even though it’s borders have changed greatly throughout the years it’s culture has traveled with it. Early polish settlements were villages where farmers harvested a variety of foods. Those working in the fields; men, women and children worked in what today is considered traditional polish costume. For example woman wore long sleeved white shirts and a variety of colorful yet long skirts. However depending the region in which you lived the material of the clothing deferred as well.


     Back when Poland was first founded beauty was not identified by physical appearance as most civilizations considered it. Beauty came in the form or manner and materiality. People found beauty in metalwork, jewelry, weapons, clothing, politeness, and the way you presented yourself to the rest of your community. In a way fashion was looked upon highly. When not in the fields woman spent time hand sewing clothing designs. Effort and detail were present in their work and there was never more than one of the same design.


     I see beauty as something both physical and metaphorical. When I think of beauty I think of the vast variety of culture and their unique colors, designs and the mashed up mess that has come to form today’s fascinating fashion and manner. I think of nationality, a person’s true personality, the outcome of people putting aside their differences, the result of what happens when someone takes a random risk and even something as simple as a genuine smile. I identify beauty as not the way an individual looks but as how individuals as a group can act. For my mask project I’m interpreting the polish design. The detail that is represented in the clothing of these vikings is the detail I want to try to incorporate into my mask. I want my mask to have more than one meaning, to not only show the beauty which polish vikings carried but to show my modern understanding of beauty in our fashion and manner today.


Mood board:

Thumbnail Process:

Phase 2

After my research was complete I used the pieces of information that inspired me the most to create different modeled sketches of what could be my mask. I then choose the one that spoke to me the most and improved on it before taking the 2D sketch and making a 3D model (mock up) out of aluminum foil.


Phase 3

Phase 3 is the completed version of my culture mask. Using my sketch and aluminum model I created the final piece out of wire. I used different connecting techniques and decided to put beads, similar to the ones present on polish traditional costumes, onto the wires of the mask. In the end my project could not only be worn as a face mask but if you were to turn it around you’d find it to be a suitable crown as well.

Below are images of the finished product and it’s process.


Styling Photos:

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